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N-caffeoyldopamine is a phytochemical found in various plants, including cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.). N-Coumaroyldopamine and n-caffeoyldopamine are said to be the next big thing in sports nutrition history due to its dramatic anti-oxidant and protective effect, but more importantly they are extremely selective Beta-2 agonists.

N-Coumaroyldopamine (NCD) is an extremely discerning beta-2 agonist compound with the ability to be discerning enough that cardiac excitement is bypassed, targeting its function sparing muscle and muscle hardening. NCD has a solid reputation for giving your muscles a hard look.

N - caffeoyldopamine is a kind of plant chemical found in different plants, including (cocoa l.). N - caffeoyldopamine and natural analogue (N - cinnamoyldopamine, N - coumaroyldopamine, N - feruloyldopamine, N - sinapoyldopamine) synthesis and survey to determine their strength is β adrenergic receptor agonists, because they have the chemical structure of the root the beta adrenergic receptor agonist found. In the compound was studied, N - coumaroyldopamine and N - caffeoyldopamine are two of the most effective compound, can affect the body effect

At present now these two products have been movement to products, the effect is quite significant.

See the report :

A Case Study By Christian Wellington

Ok, so the “next big thing” I kept hearing about were two compounds that are found in the cocoa plant: n-caffeoyldopamine & n-coumaroyldopamine.

A researcher at the USDA discovered these compounds can have a dramatic anti-oxidant and protective effect, but more importantly they are extremely selective Beta-2 agonists.

What’s a Beta-2 agonist you ask?

Ever hear of Clenbuterol? If not, it’s legendary for its ability to “recomp” the body, i.e. add lean muscle & burn body fat at the same time.

Unfortunately, “Clen” also comes with some nasty sides because it also hits other receptors (such as Beta-1 receptors which are located on the heart), not to mention the fact it’s a drug and not found in nature so it can’t be sold as a supplement.

The research on the two compounds found in the cocoa plant demonstrates they are extremely selective to Beta-2 – meaning you get all of the lean muscle & strength gains, along with the fat burning, without the side effects!

Who knew all that chocolate we have been eating had these incredible compounds!

I had to try these out for myself so I was able to get my hands on N-caffeoyldopamine. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate N-coumaroyldopamine. It’s my understanding that n-coumaroyldopamine is much tougher to get and it’s also the more potent of the two, but I wanted to test out what I could.

I began by taking n-caffeoyldopamine in divided doses; with breakfast & mid-afternoon snack.

Remember, something like clen is very potent at 100-200 MICROGRAMS a day. Since these are natural compounds, I started off a bit higher at the milligram level and usually dosed around 20 mgs per day total.

Starting/End results after 6 weeks:


Start – 13.4%

End – 10.2%

Result: Lost 3.4% bodyfat


Start - 230 lbs

End – 228 lbs

Result: lost 2 pounds

Lean Body Mass:

Start – 199.18 lbs

End – 204.75 lbs

Results: Gained 5.57 pounds of lean body mass

Fat Mass:

Start – 30.82 lbs

End – 23.25 lbs

Result: Lost 7.57 pounds of fat

Overall I trained normal and ate as I would for 6 weeks and simply added the n-caffeolydopamine. My training consists of 3-4 days per week in a traditional bodybuilding split along with a pretty clean nutritional plan. I must say I had a few more cheat meals than I usually do, but was still able to lose an appreciable amount of fat (7.57 pounds) while gaining lean body mass (5.57) and strength & recovery in the gym.

I did not notice any side effects while using this compound and my ability to handle nutrients seemed to be heightened so I made sure to load up on protein and BCAA’s.

I plan on running this again in 4 weeks and if I can get some n-coumaroyldopamine I will use that as well.

Overall, at least for me, this compound performed above expectations in the real world as it did in research. It was a very enjoyable experience for me, as you could imagine by the stats I listed above. After all, who doesn’t want to get bigger, stronger & leaner with no side effects?

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