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Product Introduction

How Does Arimistane Work?

Arimistane is classified as a suicide aromatase inhibitor. This means that when ingested, Arimistane permanently binds to the receptors on the aromatase enzyme, rendering the enzyme useless.

How Arimistane Will Kill Estrogen And Boost Your Testosterone

Taking Arimistane will prevent the aromatase enzymes from converting your testosterone into estrogen by binding to and killing the aromatase enzymes.

Since your body can’t convert testosterone to estrogen anymore, your estrogen levels will naturally drop.

When your estrogen levels drop, this signals your body to naturally produce MORE testosterone—so that it can get converted into estrogen by the aromatase enzymes.

But since you killed all of the aromatase enzymes with Arimistane (AKA Red-PCT), all of that extra testosterone that your body produces is NOT converted into estrogen.

This then means you get to enjoy the benefits of having naturally high testosterone and naturally low estrogen—all by just taking Arimistane and preventing the aromatase in your body from doing any damage for a little while.

How Arimistane Will Improve Your Training And Recovery

Arimistane also helps to reduce cortisol levels. This is a huge benefit for people who train hard because after intense training sessions your body's natural cortisol levels will usually spike upwards.

Increased levels of cortisol, AKA the stress hormone, will severely limit muscle recovery if you do not take measures to lessen it with proper nutrition and supplementation.

With low cortisol levels, you can expect to recover much faster from intensive training, helping you to continue to train hard and grow without risk of overexertion or injury.

To understand how Arimistane helps you, first you need to know what aromatase is and the role that aromatase plays in your body.

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