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Product Introduction

What is Chrysin ?

Chrysin belongs to a class of chemicals called flavonoids. It occurs naturally in plants such as the passionflower, silver linden, and some geranium species; and in honey and bee propolis (glue).

How does it work?

Studies have shown that flavones, in particular chrysin, have the ability to exert a large variety of beneficial and powerful effects upon the body. Specifically, European studies have shown that after consuming chrysin, levels of testosterone and blood serum increased by as much as 30%.

To understand how this happens, consider the following: There are two major hormones in men and women – these are testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone is the hormone dominant in males, with estrogen being dominant in females. Estrogen is the primary signal to the pituitary gland in the brain. Depending on your estrogen levels, the pituitary gland will dictate the levels of testosterone produced in the body. The higher the estrogen levels, the lower the amounts of testosterone that is produced.

This is how chrysin benefits you. By cutting down the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, chrysin reduces the levels of estrogen in your body and increases the levels of testosterone.

Dosages and Suggestion

The report that taking 1-3 grams of chrysin per day is a safe and effective dosage. Of course, follow the directions found on the supplement label. To achieve best results, you should take half a dose of chrysin about 30 minutes prior to working out, while taking the other half at bedtime.

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