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Product Introduction

what is Epicatechin?

Epicatechin is a flavonol that is found in certain plants, such as grapes, tea, and cocoa. Research has indicated that consuming products containing high levels of epicatechin may provide many health benefits. Specifically, it is thought to reduce the likelihood of many common diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Other research has shown that it is linked to relieving symptoms caused by those same diseases. Some scientists believe epicatechin can help improve memory as well.

Since research has found associations between consuming epicatechins and good health, it is important to know where these flavonols can be found. They are highest in such consumables as green tea, chocolate, and wine. They may also be found in grape juice and hot cocoa, and in smaller amounts in other forms of tea, such as black tea.
The benefits of epicatechin were initially discovered when a scientist noticed that the Kuna people of Panama had only about a ten percent occurrence of the diseases that are quite prevalent in Western society, specifically heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Upon further research, it was discovered that this group of people consumed large amounts, nearly 40 cups (about 9.4 liters), of cocoa per week. As a result, further research was conducted to find if there was a correlation between the consumption of epicatechin-rich foods and health.

How to use (take) Epicatechin

Both research and empirical usage suggests that epicatechin should be dosed at 1-2mg/kg of bodyweight. Feedback from users suggests that dosing at the higher end, around 150-200mg or more per day, is optimal for those who want to experience its athletic and muscle building benefits. You’d have to consume a lot of chocolate to get those amounts from the diet so supplementation is recommended.

When to use epicatechin

Epicatechin is both so beneficial and so harmless that it can be used for any length of time and there is no need to restrict usage to a short cycle. We suggest trying it for four weeks at a minimum or taking it on an ongoing basis for best results.

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