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CAS#: 62936-56-5

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Product Specification : 98%

Minmum Order Quantity : >50g

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Product Introduction

What is Picamilon?

Picamilon is dietary supplements and nootropic drugs. The combination of vitamin B3, also known as niacin, the neurotransmitter GABA. The complement of oral, usually in the form of powder or tablet, can cross the blood-brain barrier. Once in the brain, it is hydrolyzed to GABA and nicotinic acid. The compound first all-union science research institute was founded in 1961, is located in the former Soviet union. In Russia, the compound as a prescription drug sales, the patent is a company operating in Moscow. Use it as a treatment for depression and senile psychosis. In the United States, these compounds are approved to be sold as a dietary supplement. Picamilon role is twofold, because, when the compound is decomposed into its constituent parts of the brain, each has a different effect. Nicotinic acid as a vasodilator, it can enlarge the blood vessels in the brain. This, in turn, will increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, and that assist the management of migraine pain. When the second part of picamilon compounds, GABA, the brain is activated, it is a create a mild anti-anxiety effects. This is known as the reaction of anti-anxiety, is due to the fact that gaba is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. The limitation of GABA, rather than encouraging certain brain function. Picamilon is regarded as a nootropic compounds. These are also referred to as smart drugs, is considered stabelize psychological function. Picamilon, and many other nootropic drugs, almost no clinical studies, clearly shows its action mechanism. Many people feel less anxious and more energetic picamilon report, this is counter-intuitive anti-anxiety drugs. Most drugs, restrain anxiety reactions also cause depression or the feeling of drowsiness.

Health Benefits of Picamilon

The influence of the compound action soon, because it is obvious in one hour, and it can last six hours. It can have a mild stimulation, so its use should be avoided before going to bed. The negative impact of the complementary seems to be quite limited, but include headaches, and nausea. The use of this drug is a natural result of significantly lower blood pressure, so it should not be with other vasodilator, especially those stipulated by the doctor.

Dosages and Suggestion

Picamilon dose, typical for a healthy adult, is 100 milligrams (mg), one to three times a day.


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