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CAS#: 175340-20-2

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Product Introduction

What is S-18986/IDRA-21(AMPAKINE) ?

IIDRA-21 is an ampakine drug derived from aniracetam, IDRA-21 shows nootropic effects in animal studies

While more research is needed for this relatively new compound, it has taken the nootropic community by storm.

This means it is able to improve focus and attention as well as promote learning and memory.

In comparison to the benzoylpiperidine derived ampakine drugs, IDRA-21 was more potent than CX-516, but less potent than CX-546.Newer benzothiadiazide derivatives with greatly increased potency compared to IDRA-21 have been developed,[9][10] but these have not been researched to the same extent, with the benzoylpiperidine and benzoylpyrrolidine CX- series of drugs being favoured for clinical development, most likely due to more favourable toxicity profiles at high doses.

Studies conducted to evaluate effects of NSI-189 revealed that 40 to 80 mg daily is effective in treating depression and cognitive symptoms amongst healthy patients. In these trials, there are no serious adverse events recorded. Generally, NSI-189 is well tolerated and safe for human use.

What is S-18986/IDRA-21(AMPAKINE)’s Mechanism of Action?

As previously stated IDRA-21 falls within a class of chemical psychotropic compounds known as ampakines. Ampakines are known to be allosteric modulators of glutamatergic AMPA receptors in the brain. This basically means that ampakines bind to receptors in the brain that are known to produce excitatory responses (increased alertness, responsiveness and attention) and enhance the effect of neurotransmitters that bind to them (i.e. glutamate). Ampakines such as IDRA-21 have shown efficacy in reducing the desensitization of glutamate receptors.

Dosage and suggestion

As the nootropics reports : there are no official recommended doses, however, a lot of online sources and anecdotal reports suggest a positive effect on cognitive capabilities at doses of 5 mg once or twice per day.

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