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SYNMR's IsoSYN™️ (Citrus medica sarcodactylis extract)

SYNMR's IsoSYN™️ (Citrus medica sarcodactylis extract)


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IsoSYN™️, also known as Citrus medica sarcodactylis extract and Betaphrine, is a powerful stimulatory ingredient from SYNMR Biotechnologies that formulators have been adding to thermogenic fat burners and pre workout supplements. Most dieters and supplement formulators know about citrus aurantium and its potent constituent, synephrine (also known as p-synephrine or para synephrine), a common replacement for ephedrine. In terms of fat burning and lipolysis, it has been found to be even more potent than synephrine itself!


 Introducing IsoSYN™️

 Citrus medica sarcodactylis extract is the potent bridge between both molecules that seem to work so well in rats, but less so in humans!

 It's also been named Betaphrine, and dl-1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-isopropylaminoethanol hydrochloride. Its molecular formula is C11H18ClNO2 and its molecular structure is shown below:



This incredible lipolytic compound has been studied in animals going as far back as 1948,[7] 1952,[8] 1966,[9] 1973,[10] 1975,[11] and 1983.[12] The research was performed on rats, dogs, humans, and rabbits, and all of it proved to be incredibly lipolytic and "lipid mobilizing" yet with strong safety profiles.

Safety profile: no blood pressure increase found!

For instance, the demonstrable LD50 in mice was shown as 370mg/kg i.p. and 144mg/kg i.v.[8]  Incredibly, the rabbit and human studies cited above found no increase in blood pressure, even when infused intravenously![9,10,13] In fact, the ingredient may lower blood pressure if high enough dosage is taken (doses that go beyond the recommendations made below), so persons with hypotension (low blood pressure) or a history of low blood pressure may wish to avoid the ingredient.


A better fat burner than synephrine

With a reasonable expectation of safety at reasonable doses (suggested below), we can now get to the reason why we're here: potent fat burning. A landmark 2011 study that really showed the potency of IsoSYN™️, where the researchers literally titled the paper that it is "A Stronger Lipolytic Agent in Human Adipocytes than Synephrine and Other Amines Present in Citrus aurantium".[5] It doesn't get any more clearly stated than that - the research demonstrated that this ingredient is a powerful fat burner, and is far better than both synephrine and octopamine - exactly what formulators had been looking for in 2006 when ephedrine was officially off the market.   In fact, researchers stated that "Notably, [IsoSYN™️] elicited lipolytic responses with a high inter-individual variability but with an approximately 100-fold higher potency than synephrine".[5] When it comes to burning fat, this ingredient is strong.


How it works:

IsoSYN™️ stimulates the β-Adrenergic Receptors, initiating a "flight or flight" response that mobilizes fat in preparation for energy expenditure. This leads to activated lipolysis. Going above and beyond other similar ingredients, it's further enhanced by IBMX (3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine), which results in cAMP (cyclic AMP) overproduction.[5] Ultimately, this yields energy, and it's energy that goes great with exercise.It even showed reversion of anti-lipolysis in humans given bromoxidine, which means it's so strong it can overcome compounds that stop fat burning, and return the body to a fat burning state. Importantly, this was not due to α2-Adrenergic Receptors antagonist property,[5] as it behaves differently than yohimbe.


A great alternative for yohimbe-sensitive individuals

Consumers who get anxiety from α2 antagonists like yohimbe should definitely consider IsoSYN™️ as an alternative. This is one impressive ingredient.


Does not affect glucose transport or MAO

The above study noted that IsoSYN™️ does not inhibit or increase glucose transport or insulin mechanisms.[5] It is an ingredient used for the sole purpose of lipolysis and energy. This means it can be stacked alongside certain glucose disposal agents sold by SYNMR, and can even be used inside of one, but will not be an ingredient that affects glucose disposal or insulin on its own.Unlike three other components of citrus aurantium -- tyramine, N-methyl tyramine, and hordenine -- it is not a MAO substrate and is not metabolized by MAO.   

This leaves room for it to be stacked with SYNMR NeuroPEA (N-Phenethyldimethylamine Citrate), which can provide mood-boosting effects for dieters alongside of the fat burning potential of IsoSYN™️. If looking to amplify thermogenesis, combining it with ProGBB and T6Polyxione Green Tea Extract can make for quite the heated fat burner / "cardio cocktail", while keto diet supplements can include it alongside ProKetoBHB.For "lean bulking" applications, formulators should also take a look at Proepicate Epicatechin and Laxosterone Laxogenin.

Suggested Dosage: 10-30mg per day

For humans, the standard dose used is between 10mg and 20mg, but beginners can assess tolerance as low as 5mg. Some earlier documents report a maximum usage as high as 80mg total per day,[13] but that is for only the most experienced and veteran stimulant users and is generally not recommended in a formulation.Anecdotally speaking, IsoSYN™️ reviews online report the lipolytic action to be quite thermogenic, which works incredibly well for fat burning capsules and powders or geographic areas with cold weather.

Conclusion: SYNMR has a winning lipolytic fat burning agent in IsoSYN™️

After reviewing the research, it is clear: IsoSYN™️ is a powerful fat burning ingredient! With the mechanisms and doses cited above, SYNMR is now very proud to offer this incredible lipolytic agent to brands interested in amplifying their consumers' weight loss efforts. SYNMR's quality and service are unmatched, and when looking for something stronger than synephrine and octopamine, but needing to avoid ephedrine and DMAA, IsoSYN™️ is the sure answer.