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MCT Oil-------MCT-Energy is coming


What is MCT Oil ?

         Ketogenic diet as a relatively high fat diet, the type of oil selection is very critical. Choosing the right oil can not only avoid side effects, but also get twice the result with half the effort.

         First of all, let's talk a little bit about fats. The hydrolyzed products of fats are glycerol + fatty acids. Glycerol molecule is relatively simple, because the type and length of fatty acids are different, so the properties and characteristics of fat mainly depend on fatty acids. Fatty acid is divided into long chain, medium chain and short chain according to the length of carbon chain. The middle chain fatty acid, MCT, MCT oil refers to pure middle chain fatty acid, which basically consists of only the middle chain fatty acid.

Four characteristics:

1.Rapid energy supply:Rapid digestion and absorption of this characteristic enables it to provide energy to the body quickly, with efficiency comparable to that of glucose.When a person's energy needs increase,MCT needs to be supplemented.In addition, when intestinal villi are damaged or flattened, MCT is still directly absorbed due to its excellent water solubility.Therefore, infants with diarrhea, poor liver and gallbladder function, jaundice and pancreatitis also need to increase the proportion of MCT intake.

2.Fat Loss Fitness:Medium-chain fatty acids are directly decomposed to produce energy when they enter the body. They are seldom stored as human fat or accumulated in blood vessels, and do not increase cholesterol, thus helping to prevent heart disease. The heat contained in MCTs can be used as fuel very effectively and can be directly used by organs and muscles, rather than stored as fat, so it has a certain role in preventing obesity.

3.Brain Cognition:It has the potential to improve cognitive function by converting ketone bodies into ketones in the liver for use by the brain.

4.For ketogenic diets increasing:MCT intake can be considered when ketone value does not rise, and MCT can maintain a stable ketone value while slightly relaxing the restriction on carbohydrate.