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CBD Patch is coming


I am working with a group of doctors that want a CBD Patch for 800 rehab clinics  that help get people off of drugs addiction.

We are also developing CBD “cigarettes” non addictive non tobacco

Can you line up LARGE investors in China to buy Hemp raws

Our manufacture is base located in the San Joaquin Valley which is known as the agriculture capital of the United States. We have nothing but farms and oil. We have multiple farmers that will grow Industrial Hemp for customers so they have a rock bottom cost to go into the CBD market in any capacity.

All products start as Hemp BioMass (raw industrial hemp Non-THC, below .3% THC Legal limit and State Certified, all federally legal).

I can work contracts with Farmers to bring in their raw cost of BioMass about 40-50% BELOW market value 

AND I can even help the investor carry the raw BioMass to all outlets

1) selling BioMass into market at approx 30-40% above costs.

2) processing thru laboratories into Crude in any %

3) processing thru labratories into Full Spectrum distillate

4) processing thru labratories into Isolate 99.6%+.