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NMN exists in various organisms, including humans, are necessary to maintain the body function of compound.NMN in being human body metabolization is to recycle,  vitamin B3  in food can also compound NMN.

How does it works?

And at Japan's keio university joint research team at the university of Washington in the United States announced on July 11, 2016, they have officially begun using nicotinamide single nucleotide (NMN) in human clinical trials.NMN in animal experiments confirmed with reverse part such as neural tissues of aging effect.The study is one of the world's first test NMN drugs on the human body, if you would be able to confirm its safety, that NMN in the future will be more widely used in the field of disease prevention and treatment of aging.

Multiple organ in the body will produce NMN, it can change the name as "nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD)" coenzyme nucleotides.In past studies have confirmed that NAD can make proteins with anti-aging functions "mechanisms" (to acetylation enzyme) was more active;When the aging body NAD quantity will be less, and this easily lead to metabolic function drops and diseases such as diabetes.

In mice, mice can be observed after NMN enhancements diabetes symptoms improved, and the aging of vascular and nervous system.The clinical trials, team members to 10 healthy men aged 40 ~ 60 years old as study objects.In half a year's time, let different subjects NMN capsule of different doses of drugs, through monitor blood, body temperature, blood pressure and other indicators to identify NMN security.Team of ITO, yulin, says prof hope the experiment can confirm the body can reduce the missing NMN through food or supplement nutrition capsule, etc.