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L-Cysteine HCL

L-Cysteine HCL

CAS #52-89-1

Product Specification:50G/1KG /25KG

Minmum Order Quantity: >50G

Sample Requirement: Free Sample / Freight Charged / to final agreement


L-Cysteine is a non-essential amino acid that can be synthesized by the human body under normal physiological conditions if a sufficient quantity of methionine is available. L-Cysteine is commonly use d as a precursor in the food and pharmaceutical industries. L-Cysteine is used as a processing aid for baking, as an additive in cigarettes, as well as in the preparation of meat flavours.


ChEBI: A hydrate that is the monohydrate form of L-cysteine hydrochloride.

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Health Benefits of L-Cysteine HCL

L-cysteine is a conditionally-essential amino acids. It is usually made in the body but under some circumstances it may need to be digested in the food we eat, or supplemented.

Some infants, seniors or persons with metabolic disorders may have to supplement with L-cysteine hydrochloride or eat diets rich in amino acid sources. The supplement is also used to improve the health of skin and hair.

While there are many healthy benefits to having a diet rich in this nutrient, L-cysteine hydrochloride as a supplement is sometimes used to prevent or treat symptoms of angina and possibly even HIV/AIDS.

Though not conclusive, L-cysteine hydrochloride may help relieve some symptoms of chronic bronchitis. In clinical studies where patients with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were given L-cysteine hydrochloride, flare-ups were reduced by 40%, while maintaining their regular therapies.