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CAS #56-41-7

Product Specification:50G/1KG /25KG

Minmum Order Quantity: >50G

Sample Requirement: Free Sample / Freight Charged / to final agreement

What is L-alanine benefits?

L-alanine benefits may include natural protection from low blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia) and increased energy.

L-alanine is the L isomer of the proteinaceous nonessential alpha amino acid alanine. It is commonly called “alanine” or “alpha-alanine”. It should not be confused with beta-alanine; an amino acid used to produce the dipeptide carnosine.

Current uses for L-alanine include prevention and/or treatment for urea cycle disorders, diabetes, glycogen storage disease, hypoglycemia, stress, diarrhea-related dehydration, fatigue, liver disease and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH, enlarged prostate).

L-alanine is one of most prevalent amino acids in the human body; accounting for nearly 8% of the primary structure of numerous proteins. Most human L-alanine is synthesized inside muscle cells. Inside the liver, L-alanine is converted to pyruvate; a compound that is integral for glucose synthesis.


§Supports muscle growth & workout performance

§Improves athletic stamina & power output

§Increases muscle carnosine levels


Between 2 - 6 grams per day.